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Pre Design

This phase includes documentation of existing conditions for both building and site, (to understand the existing structure limitations and opportunities, solar orientation, views, grading, access etc) , research into the zoning regulations that will affect the proposal, and programming based on owner’s wish list- list of rooms and sizes, relationships between spaces, characters of the spaces, style, context, and the atmosphere the owners want to achieve.

Schematic Design Alternatives

During this phase several conceptual design alternatives are created in 3D and in floor plans to show potential massing of the project as well as relationship between spaces.

Design Development

Once and alternative is selected and refined, design develops further by making decisions on smaller scales: materials, electrical and lighting fixtures, windows, etc.


Rough Cost Estimates

We connect the clients to potential general contractors encouraging them to reach out to at least 3 builders, to get “rough cost estimates” for the proposed project. We help compare these rough cost estimates and then make any necessary design changes the owners wish to have based on the feedback from the builders.

Construction Drawings

Design development quickly evolves into detailed construction documents for obtaining final pricing from builders, obtaining permits, and building the project. These documents will contain all the information needed for builders to make the project a reality.

Bidding and construction contract
Once the construction drawings are complete, we help with selecting bidders (usually returning to the builder who provided the preferred rough cost estimate) issuing the final drawings to them for pricing, reviewing their proposals, and negotiating a contract for construction.



We take an active role during the construction by regular site visits to make sure construction progresses as intended, and to help resolve any issues that may arise.

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