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YGS Design & Development thrives to help clients turn the potential of their properties into reality. We offer creative design for new construction, renovation, restoration or revitalization of existing properties and repositioning a property’s use. We provide design services for owners as well as real estate development services.


Design Philosophy: In YGS Design & Development we believe that producing a successful project requires consistent interaction of the development and design teams throughout all stages. Development considerations such as location choice, financing methods and even type of use influence design concepts and vice versa to create a solid investment and a high quality physical space. We believe in efficient and practical design, using modern concepts and materials to create spaces that have positive impact on the users, as well as the society. Our designs tend to be clean and simple, functional and practical for their users, but at the same time flexible and full of character for an individualized outcome. Our designs are influenced by Mediterranean design concepts, with emphasis on capturing natural light into the spaces, connection to outdoor spaces, and open layout organization. We design the projects in 3D and provide images and documents to the owners that are easy to understand and respond to, as well as full construction documents that are required by the municipalities and the contractors.

Sustainability: YGS Design & Development is committed to the environment and continuously seeks innovative design solutions that enhance the energy saving and the green qualities of our projects. We aim to promote sustainability in our designs through techniques such as: building orientation and shading solutions, natural ventilation, water conservation and reuse, use of local and sustainable construction materials, reuse of building materials and recycling of construction waste, high efficiency mechanical systems, smart building envelopes, green roofs and walls, high efficiency appliances and lighting systems etc.

Affordability: Part of our mission is to achieve top quality deigned projects that will be within reach of low and moderate income individuals. With innovative financing solutions and using a wide variety of state and federal funding, we thrive to promote affordable housing in our communities, both for sale and for rental projects.

Restoration: At YGS Design & Development we understand the life cycle of building stock and the need to preserve, restore and renovate. We believe an existing structure can add value to a renovated project by renewing its original character and by reusing its materials and structure to a certain degree. We respect historical buildings and look to find ways to create infill development that will fit in its surroundings and emphasize the sense of place, and the historic character of the neighborhoods.

Client Relationships: We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to achieve excellence in our projects. We integrate the client as an inseparable part of the design process. We value a process that addresses the budget and scheduling needs of the client in early stages, and can provide a wide range of services to help a client with different aspects of the project creation. We can provide phased design solution and manage phased construction to allow flexibility for our clients.

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