• Yael Getz Schoen

Why you need an architect for remodeling jobs

Many clients think they can cut costs if they will just hire a contractor to redo their bathroom, add a room to the house, remodel their kitchen… but this is not true.

An architect is needed for your project to:

  • Help make decisions about needs and priorities and set goals and program for the project.

  • Help create design options, look at alternatives and focus on the best solution.

  • Determine feasibility of design considering budget and schedule.

  • Verify that all building codes are met.

  • Match the remodel to the rest of the house.

  • Avoid costly mistakes and save valuable time.

  • Benefit from the architect’s knowledge and experience- new trends, materials, limitations etc.

  • Assist with obtaining permits.

  • Help finding the right builder/contractor for the project

  • Supervise the construction work and communicate with the contractor, oversee and troubleshoot the work.

To help turn your vision into a reality!!!

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