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YGS Design and Development
Yael Getz Schoen
New construction
Architectural design
Belmont MA USA
Boston MA

YGS Design & Development, LLC is a Boston based creative architecture and real estate development firm committed to design innovation. Based on the belief that a successful project requires consistent interaction of the development and design teams throughout all stages it was founded in 2012 by its principal, Yael Getz Schoen as a multi-disciplinary firm that designs and develops properties, from pre development stages, through all design stages, financial analysis, permitting, until completion of the projects – ensuring a distinct standard of quality throughout the project while maintaining the integrity of good design.

It specializes in private residences, multifamily residential buildings, for new construction as well as the conversion and/or renovation of existing buildings. It’s designs are efficient and practical, using modern concepts and materials, functional and practical for their users, flexible and full of character for an individualized outcome. They are influenced by Mediterranean design concepts, with emphasis on capturing natural light into the spaces, connecting to outdoor, and using open layout organization.


YGS Design & Development is highly committed to creating affordable projects based on sustainable principles and to achieving competitive real estate products by a collaborative approach that integrates clients into the design process. The firm offers a wide range of services to help with different aspects of project creation.

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